A report released by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for the year 2015 has shown steep rise in Road accidents in India from around 4.4 lakh accidents in 2005 to around 5.0 lakh in 2015.

The persons died in the accidents also rose from 94,968 in 2005 to 1,46,133 in 2015.

The top states in Road accidents that account for 86.7 per cent of all road accidents in the country are:

Tamil Nadu  = 69,059

Maharashtra = 63,805,

Madhya Pradesh = 54,947,

Karnataka = 44,011,

Kerala = 39,014,

Uttar Pradesh  = 32,385,

Andhra Pradesh  = 24,258,

Rajasthan = 24,072,

Gujarat = 23,183,

Telengana = 21,252,

Chhattisgarh = 14,446,

West Bengal = 13,208 and

Haryana = 11,174

If you evaluate the reasons, drunk and drive cause major accidents and driving without a helmet comes next.

In addition to this, a sizable section of accidents happen because of unqualified and ineligible persons driving the vehicles.

In my close watch of the surroundings, I see atleast one or two children below 12 years driving two wheelers.

To my surprise, I have also seen children below 12 years who may weigh just 30 kgs, driving a 100 cc bike that weighs more than 100 kg.

In this enclosed picture, you can see a girl child who may be just 10 or 11 years of age driving a scooty keeping so many plastic containers to bring water from somewhere for their home.


The vehicle may weigh around 90 kgs.  The water containers may weigh about 35-40 kgs. The child sitting behind may weigh another 30 kgs.  Thus, a child of 10 or 11 years drives a vehicle weighing a total of about 160 kgs.

What to say about this pathetic condition of our country where the rules are thrown out in air.  No children below 16 years should drive a vehicle.  This is the rule.

This child is driving the two wheeler in a very busy road in a big city where the traffic police post is there.  No policeman catches this child and she is free to drive without even an age eligibility to get a driving license.

In India, the rules are fine in books.  But, they are not implemented properly.  Even if some raids are done periodically on road, it is easy for the people to escape paying some bribe the policemen.

If the traffic rules are not imposed properly, even the innocent pedestrians or genuine users of vehicles are affected in road accidents when others drive without following the rules.

Whatever violation is done, the people do not fear because they can escape by paying something to the police. Only a section of the traffic police work sincerely.  Others allow such violators getting bribe.

Same in the case of drunk and drive cases. The people driving the vehicles after drinking is on rise phenomenally. This too is a concern.

If this is the case even in 2015, what will be the situation after 10 years before which lakhs of new vehicles will be running on road?

When TATA announced NANO car for Just Rs. One lakh rupees a decade back, I was worried whether the government should allow such low cost vehicles in this country that has a population of 130 crores and unplanned narrow roads.

Since the government authorities are planning from an air conditioned rooms, they forget the real situation of our roads and whether such low cost vehicles can be allowed on road.

We always have the tendency to adopt whatever is done in Western countries.  We easily forget that the road infrastructure is not like the west.

Why don’t the rulers plan according to the geographical and social condition of this country?

The rules must be customized according to the conditions existing in India. All that are done in west can’t match a country like India where the population density is more and the monitoring system is weak.

The people too have no common sense and In India’s peak traffic roads, you can see a single person will be driving and travelling a big car that occupies entire width of the road.  Why should a single person occupy that much of space to travel within the city?

The rules must be framed that a person should use a car only if atleast 3 members are travelling in it.  If there is a single person, he should pay three or four times more tax.  Why can’t a single person use a two wheeler?  And, very big sized cars must be heavily taxed or banned.  This is the need of the hour in a country like India where the roads are mostly not well planned.

The usage of public transports must be encouraged and if a person having a driving licence travels in a public transport, he must be given some discount in the travel fare.

And, the traffic police should be seriously monitored so that no bribery is happening during violations and drunk and drive cases.

A two wheeler or car has a setting of maximum speed of 120 kms.  Why should the domestic two wheelers and cars have that much of speed options?  It should be minimized to just 60kms maximum.  If a two wheeler or car should be allowed for the speed of more than 60 kms/ hr, it should be categorized as sports vehicle and should be used only in sports.

These suggestions, if implemented can atleast bring down the number of accidents in India.

Will the government think of this serious matter and take steps to frame new rules?



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