Kashmir loses its Special Status! Revoke of Article 370, Splitting and making them Union Territories! A revolutionary step!

The Modi government has finally dared to correct the past mistakes happened in Kashmir.  Finally, His right hand Minister Amit Shah has taken a daring decision of abolishing the special status for Kashmir given through Article 370.

Ladakh is now under the direct control of Govt of India as Union Territory!

Hereafter, Kashmir will function as two union territories. Jammu-Kashmir will function as union territory with a legislature assembly. Ladakh region will function under the central government without a legislature assembly.

This will help the Jammu-Kashmir region, that has more density of population of the state to start new businesses, buy properties and make the U.T self sufficient, without expecting the financial support of central government.

At the same time, Ladakh region that is a sensitive region will be under the direct control of the government of India through a governor.

Kashmir is marching towards economic development.

Hereafter there will be no political games using the special status of Kashmir.  A path of development appears.

Something should be done in Kashmir as desired by the people of India.  Modi government has finally knot the bell to the cat.

Of course, there will be protests, opposition from Pakistan, opposition parties, etc.  But, something should be done.  It has been done now.

Forgeting the party lines, let us be with Modi and Amit Shah at this critical but much needed reformation.

The storm will settle soon. Any reformation will face such protests in the beginning.  But, Modi and Amit Shah has dared to touch the Kashmir issue.  It is the duty of every Indian to cooperate with them to avoid unnecessary security expenditure for that region and ensure the growth of that region as a long term goal.

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