CoronaVirus is transmitted from the animals to the men because of eating uncooked meat.

Many of the chinese people are also fond of eating uncooked animals as it is. They take a snake or frog and eat them as it is uncooked. Nonsense Practice.

Animal bodies are the living house of viruses, bacteria, etc. These viruses do not affect the animals as their immune system is stronger.

The human body’s immune system is not quipped to protect us from those animal viruses.
HIV is also a virus that came from animals when the men had sexual contacts with animals.
So, it is clear that every dangerous viruses spread to kill the men only when the men starts to misues the animals for sex and food.
Severe cold, Sneezing, Respiratory issues, Difficulty in breathing, Fever


(1) Wash the hands and sneeze into the elbows.
(2) Stay away from the crowd till the spread of corona is controlled.
(3) Wear a mask to protect from the virus whenever you go out of home.
(4) Protect your nose and mouth by using an air purifier inside the home.
(5) Take basic preventive measures like avoiding contact with people suffering from cold, washing hands, staying away from crowded places, farm or wild animals etc.
(6) Indian government after giving similar hygiene recommendations has also advised people to take to ayurvedic practices, homoeopathic drugs and Unani medicines.
(7) Drink boiled water
(8) Stop non veg/ Meat.
(9) Take vitamin C, Zinc, B complex daily RDA Dose for prevention
(10) Strictly follow personal hygiene
(11) Grow as many Tulasi Plants as Possible in your home that purifies air around your home and provides pure oxygen.


(1) Take these two herbs: 1. Neem Leaves, 2. Phyllanthus niruri leaves in equal proportions. Make this as paste and then make as 50gm balls and take it for 3 days on an empty stomach.

Do not eat anything for an hour after consuming it. It should only be consumed as a paste. Powder or juices are not effective. This paste can be prepared and stored in the refrigerator in the freezer.
These ingredients have no side effects.

(2) A homeopathic drug namely Arsenicum album30, or Unani medicines like Sharbat Unnab or Ayurvedic preparations like Shadang Paniya are advised to be taken either as preventive medicines or for symptomatic management against Coronavirus infections.

But there are no supporting evidence that these medicines are effective against the virus. How are these drugs even relevant in the fight against novel Coronavirus (2019-nCov), which is itself a new organism is not clear.

(3) Decoction of Tulsi, Ginger, Pepper, Curcumin in hot water helps immensely.
(4) Guduchi treats fever & enhances immunity
(5) Take hot rasam or vegetable soups.
(6) Antibiotics will not work on coronavirus
(7) Drink hot water like tea sip by sip.
So, these advices should not be taken as assured solutions and remedies, but, just some efforts to try.