Kashmir Issue - Revoke of article 370 and bifurcation - What to do next? What about North East?

Kashmir Issue - What to do next?  What about North East?

The Modi Government has taken historic decision of revoking article 370 that gave special status for kashmir and have bifurcated Kashmir into two union territories.

This is a revolutionary step. No doubt.  Atleast a government has taken this issue seriously.

Having two constitutions within the same country has been a shameful scenario in India so far. 

It has been corrected in Kashmir.

The beautiful state has become Union territories that gives more power to the central government in the governance of these territories.

Yes, Since Modi government has five more years, they believe that they will set everything right within the second term of Modi.

We too believe that because he is seen as a strongman of India.

What will happen hereafter?

Many states may fear that such intervention of central government will be applied in their states also.

Cases will be filed in Supreme Court. Without a decision and resolution in the legislature assembly of Kashmir, taking decision on Kashmir may be challenged.

Pakistan will take this to international forums for India's making bilateral issue as India's internal matter.

There may be some violence in Kashmir valley.  Already the Indian security forces are vigilantly watching there.

Mr.Modi and Mr.Amit Shah should be ready to face these challenges.  We hope that they will.

The best part of this decision is that India has declared to the world and Pakistan that Kashmir issue is now beyond discussion.

Another important point to note is that most of the opposition parties including BSP, AAP have supported this decision that is the example of matured politics.

The Kashmir Bills, ie, scrapping the article 370 and bifurcation of Kashmir as two Union Territories have been passed in the parliament - first in Rajya Sabha.

Moderate Muslims will accept this decision because they are peace lovers.  Only a section of Muslims and some politicians who were doing politics using Kashmir issue will oppose this decision.

For the past 70 years, the governments did not take this issue serious fearing for loss of votes.

Now, a government has taken a bold decision.  Modi government has the support of moderate Indians who will support this bold and productive move of this government.

Let us hope that Cases, agitations, and International pressures will be effectively handled by Modi - Amit Shah team.

Because they have majority in both the houses. So, this five year period is the period for taking bold decisions.

Finally, the most important question arises:

You have taken a bold decision in Kashmir.  

Why should the Indian Government give special status for North Eastern states like Sikkim?  Stop this also and bring all those states to the same law of land.