Tamil Nadu Rural Local Body Election results - What they indicate?

Tamil Nadu Rural Local Body Election results - What they indicate?

Tamil Nadu Rural Local Government Election Results. This is an unbiased analysis.

The two main parties, the DMK and the AIADMK, have claimed victory.

On closer study, it appears that the DMK has received less than the parliamentary elections vote and the AIADMK has won more than the parliamentary election.

This is definitely an encouraging result for AIADMK. This is because the results of the local elections show that those who thought the AIADMK were losing their votes in the parliamentary elections are wrong.  The results show that the image of the AIADMK left by Ms. Jayalalithaa is recovering.

In this recovery process, we should congratulate the Chief Minister  Edappadi Palanisamy. In a way that even Jayalalithaa had not imagined, he created a positive opinion of the people by announcing that Pongal gift would be provided with Rs.1000. Although we disagree with the idea of ​​giving government money as a gift, creating this kind of good waves and hopes is the mind of the people shows his political experience. In the last eight and a half years, the AIADMK government has done well in supplying electricity and ration products. Law and order and transport were also without problems.  Though DMK has gained about 10 per cent seats more, they should realize that the number of seats is less than before in Parliament elections. However, instead of blaming the state for everything, it should focus on telling the people what plans they will implement if they come to power. The mood of the people is changing. Speech alone can no longer attract people.

Anyway, in the next one and a half years, the government will be able to win the next legislative election by explaining to people the good achievements of the state government and meeting the people in the state.  Hereafter, the government should also focus on developing industries and employment in the state. This will add more good image for the present government that will help in the next elections for state assembly.