If you like to establish your product brand, the popular business trick is to 'show' that only your product is their life to make the people use your product again and again.

Take a popular tooth paste brand.  It advertises as if all the doctors in this world are recommending that brand only.  Actually, the doctors recommend many brands including that brand and there are very nice toothpastes in the market to choose from.

When the people see such ads, a portion of them think that only that product is recommended by the doctors.

There is another brand that is advertising as if it is the sole contractor for the make in India and all others are bad.

How many people know that these are all business tricks?

What this shows?


Only when many lose, one can earn.

Lakhs of people come to the theatres! Pay Rs.100-200 for two hours cinema! Business for the producers! The stars have started to collect Rs.50-60 crores for every film!

Peoples’ ignorance – business for bogus spiritual personalities!

This formula perfectly works out in cricket also.

Once upon a time, the test matches were popular.  The people spent four to five days in front of television. Though they had plenty of problems in their life, they spent 4-5 days in front of Television.

Then came one day matches.  The fans watched television with the crossed fingers as if our country will lose all its glories if it loses a match and India will be nothing if it loses a match.

The cricket became the part of people’s life.

The business was at the expected level so far.

Then came 20 overs match.  Most importantly IPL.

Auctioning the teams and selling the title sponsorship became a big business in IPL.

Business started to grow for the organizers.

They first gave excessive promotions to the IPL brand. This made the brand part of people’s life.  The works in offices were affected.  The students applied leave or secretly cut the classes and watched IPL.

It is discussed in Tea shops also. Even the uneducated laborers discuss about it. I could see a beggar who came to beg from a tea shop stopped there for about 10 minutes to watch IPL in Televison installed in the tea shop.

If we go to the house of any relative when the cricket match is going on in Television, we will not be warmly invited by them.

Business formula worked like charm for cricket industry.

The hype given for cricket buried many other games like foot ball, hockey, etc.

If you like to come to the top in a business, kill other brands by dominating the market.  This is another business formula.

No mercy on the competitors in business.

This is what followed in cricket also.

By swallowing all other sports, cricket has completely dominated making the people addicts to itself.

Why these details?

Now, read the news behind this:

The Title sponsorship for IPL cricket matches till the year 2022 has been bought by VIVO for Rs.2199 crores, ie, Rs.440 crores per year.

Remember, this amount is for the title sponsorship for five years.

Do you know the amount paid by VIVO for the title sponsorship for 2016 and 2017? Only 100 crores per year.

Now, the auctioned title sponsorship has increased by nearly  500% this time.

Just imagine.

The people watch the matches losing their valuable time.

When the people lose more time followed by the loss of studies, business, etc.,  the Brand IPL become popular.

Loss for many – Huge gain for one.  This business formula has worked perfectly.

It is apparent that either team-A or team-B is going to win.

If team-A wins this time, team-B may win the next time.

Just because we fix our mind with a particular result, we expect that this team should win and the other team should lose.

Why should we waste our valuable time when there are only two probabilities for the winner? What are you going to gain if India wins or Australia wins?

If the trend goes otherwise, our blood pressure increases.

This weakness and addiction is used by the promoters of cricket matches.

Hence the brand value of IPL is increasing at the cost of the valuable time, studies and business of the fans.

See, Cricket is not played by the super power countries like America, China Japan, etc. It is played only by a few countries.


Because they give importance for growth.   They do not like to spare the whole day for a match.

That is why, when America is going beyond the solar system, we are remaining addicted to cricket and movies.

When ISRO sends a spacecraft to mars, we just see casually once and forget it.

At the same time, when the Cricket match is running, all of us are sitting in front of Television throughout the day.

This kind of our ignorance is monetized by the organizers of cricket.

That is why, I do not watch cricket.

Remember!  Only a team from India wins.  Not India.

Show your skills in any other productive activities and come up in life.

Do not remain addicted to cricket.

Because, it is a game uncared by many grown up countries.

Do your studies well.  Do your business well. Take care of your family well.

Concentrate in Self realization. Concentrate in keeping India clean. Be an example to others.

Do not be ignorant to allow others to earn using your ignorance.

Do not get angry on me for saying like this.  When many other media are describing the matches in flowery words, I am daringly writing like this.  Because, I can not write violating my conscience and to get good name from you. 

I can not support an activity that costs your future and that has been rejected by the developed countries.