Is Ban on the Sale of cows, bulls, etc, for Slaughter right or not?

Is Ban on the Sale of cows, bulls, etc, for Slaughter right or not? This is the most analysed topic right now in India (as usual, emotion packed discussions)

The Environment Ministry of India on Friday (26.05.2017) issued a set of new rules called “The Regulation of Livestock Market Rules and framed under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960” to regulate the animal markets (known as Pashuhaats or Pashumelas) to prevent cruelty to animals and streamlining trade in cattle.

Because of these rules, hereafter, these animal markets can’t be used to sell or purchase cattle such as bulls, cows, buffaloes and camels, for slaughtering them for meat.

(i) “Animal Market Committees” should be formed in every district to ensure that the purchaser of the cattle does not further sell the animal for purpose of slaughter.

“no person shall bring a cattle to an animal market unless upon arrival he has furnished a written declaration signed by the owner of the cattle or his duly authorized agent….stating that the cattle has not been brought to the market for sale for slaughter

(ii) “…where an animal has been sold and before its removal from the animal market, the Animal Market Committee (to be formed in every district) shall… take an undertaking that the animals are brought for agriculture purposes and not for slaughter,” says another provision.

(iii) The environment ministry says:  “The aim of these rules is only to regulate the animal market and sale of cattle in these markets, and ensure welfare of cattle dealt with in the market… Under these rules the seller and buyer have to ensure that cattle has not been bought or sold in the market for slaughter purpose and an undertaking to this effect has to be obtained by the member-secretary of the Animal Market Committee from seller and buyer,” it said in the statement.

(iv) Environment Minister Harshvardhan says: “The rules will only strengthen the hands of the government, at the state level as well, in preventing cruelty against animals. There is nothing else to it,”

(v) The specific provisions in the livestock market rules applied only to animals being traded in these markets and not others.

(vi) Hereafter, all the existing animal markets to register themselves with the Animal Market Committee and ensure certain minimum infrastructure and facilities for animals at these markets such as provisions for housing, shade, lighting, water supply, toilets, veterinary facilities, and separate enclosures for young and pregnant animals.

(vii) The following practices are also banned:  hot or cold branding of animals, shearing or painting of horns, ear-cutting in buffaloes, forcing animals to perform “unnatural acts” like dancing, putting any ornaments or decorative materials on animals, and injecting Oxytocin in milch cattle.

(viii) “Unfit” animals, including those in advanced pregnancy, or which are infirm or diseased or injured, would not be allowed to be sold at these animal markets.

(ix) Animal markets located within 25 km of state borders or within 50 km of an international border are not permitted because it may encourage animals smuggling

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These rules seem to have been framed to regulate the animal trade. But, the actual intention behind these regulations is to establish the system of treating the animals during vedic period.

Our scriptures say that we have seven mothers.  Our real mother, Guru’s wife, nurse, Cow, etc.

Cow has been included in the list of mothers because the cows supply milk to the entire mankind. A living being is expected to have breast milk from its mother only.  We take mother’s milk till the age one or two.  After that all our milk needs are fulfilled by cows only. Since cows supply their breast milk to us, they too become our mothers.

That is why, cow killing has been prohibited and it is considered similar to killing our mother.

Why bulls have also been prohibited from killing?

Since bulls give seeds to the cows, ie, our mother, the bulls are considered equal to our father.  Therefore killing a bull is like killing the father.

What about camels?

They are rare animals in India.  Hence they must be prohibited.  That is why even killing wild animals have been prohibited. They are coming down in numbers and hence they should be protected.

In another angle, we are becoming very selfish. We keep the cows till she supplies milk to us.  Once her milk supply stops, we are not ready to protect her till rest of her life time as a show of our gratitude for having supplied us essential food milk. Once she becomes old, we allow her to be killed.

Will we kill our mother just because she is unable to cook food for us?

The bulls work very hard for us in the agriculture fields to plough the land and to prepare it for farming. The villagers use bull carts even now, to transport agriculture products. These bulls work for us tirelessly till he becomes old.  When he becomes old, his master forgets the bull’s services for him for all these years and send him to the markets that buy the cows and bulls to be transported to the slaughter houses.

Will we kill our father after his retirement from the service and after his earning stops?

Do you think that killing alone is the cruelty against them?

The most pitiful thing is, the cows and bulls are denied even their sexual experiences. The cow is injected sperms artificially. The people use the sperm banks.  The sperm taken from a single bull is injected to so many cows.  Therefore, both the cows and bulls are unable to mate and have some pleasure.  They supply milk and pull our carts throughout their life time even without enjoying sexual pleasures.

Isn’t this the most serious cruelty against these innocent and satvic animals?

The people suck all the milk from the cows.  He even selfishly injects the harmones to suck more milk making the innocent cows weak.  They use the bulls to earn.  But he is not even ready to allow them to have natural sexual pleasure to these innocent animals.  How selfish and cruel the minds of these people are!

Therefore, my request to the government is to stop these two cruelties also:  (i) injecting the harmones to derive more milk  (ii) Sperm injection.  If the sperm injection is banned the people have no other way than to keep the bulls to increase the population of the cows.

Therefore, I fully support the intentions behind this act. The media should not support the selfishness of the people. Just because these animals are unable to express their case to us, we should not torture them and deny their rights to live.

While supporting the intentions of the Indian Government, I like to put these questions in front of the ministers including Mr.Modi:

(i) We care and cry for bulls and cows.  We have not banned the goat trade.  Are the souls in bulls and goats different? Why don’t we care for other animals also? If the cows and bulls are like our parents, other animals and birds are like our brothers and sisters.  Therefore, animal eating should be totally stopped if we are really merciful on other living beings.

(ii) However, such bans for all the forms of meat are not possible in any country including India because almost half of the population eat meat and hence it will cause a serious revolution if meat eating is banned.  That is why atleast the parents (cows and bulls) are to be protected.


The people always see any issue emotionally.  The media and the politicians pour petrol in the emotions of the people. This cause unrest in the country whenever any rule is brought to regulate the people.

It is cursed for India that no good decisions will be allowed to get implemented. I know a temple in which every year, on a particular day, more than thousand goats are killed and offered to the god Kali. The pujari of that temple drinks the raw blood from all those goats. Then they cook the killed goats and eat.

Should killing these innocent animals in the name of offering to God be allowed? If we ban them, the people will fight for their rights (?????)

One thing is clear.  The people  never think of the rights of others and other living beings.  Their only aim is to satisfy their own needs at any cost and by any means.

How can we bring these people out of this ignorance?

They speak only about their human rights, but, they are selfish to refuse to think of the animal rights.

If this is a good society, how the people should live? A strong person should look at the weak person with mercy and protect that weak person. Similarly the strong man should protect the weak animals. He should not kill them and eat.


While we try to protect the rights of cows and bulls, we need to ensure the peace in this country also because the people are emotional and ignorant of the reason why cows and bulls must be protected.

In the case of cigarettes and liquor, we have not banned the cigarette companies and liquor companies. We allow the production and sales, but, are just giving wide publicity in media about the harmful effects of smoking and drinking. Why have not they banned these cigarette and liquor companies?  Because they give very huge amount of tax to the exchequer.

Since there is no earning through these cows and bulls, the government has dared to ban their trade.

The government can follow the same approach of giving publicity, in the case of cow and bull protection also.  Wide publicity can be given all the 365 days in a year to make the people think. 

Or, the government can think of implementing huge taxes upto 70-80% for meat selling and cow/bull trading.

The government can not change the people through rules and acts in such sensitive issues.  If they ban the production of tobacco and liquor the people will not object but support the move of the government.  But the government does not ban them.  Instead, they have suddenly touched a sensitive matter that is directly connected to the life of the people without campaigning and educating them before implementing.

Therefore, the intentions of the government is good and supported by our scriptures, the way of implementation has not been properly handled in a complex muti religious and multiracial social structure in India.

If the selfish people say that they will get all the benefits from cows and bulls, but will kill once they become old, how can we change their selfish mind just by making a rule? We can just explain in campaigns. Thats all.

They will protest to protect their selfish rights. They will never have any guilt in killing until the animals exist.

Therefore let those selfish people go to hell by selling and killing cows. The government should be very careful in acting against these sensitive things. Let them start a serious campaign against the cow and bull slaughter and the selfishness involved in it.  Let the government creates a majority view among the people against these slaughters and then implement any rules.  This will avoid any unrest in the country.

In addition to that, the government can encourage and fund the temples, forums and N.G.Os who come forward to protect the abandoned cows and bulls till they die.

These two are the wise steps the government can take at this moment.