Will Donald Trumph’s “ONLY AMERICA FIRST” slogan help America?

Will Donald Trumph’s “ONLY AMERICA FIRST” slogan help America?

When Modi, the Indian Prime Minister said “Make in India”, we all appreciate him.

But, when Donald Trumph says “Only America First”, we and the entire world are unable to digest it.

If America faces strain in economy, the entire world faces strain.

If America flourishes, all other countries flourish.


Because, America is inseparable from the rest of the world if we consider economy.

America has been a sweet and preferred hub for all the students and talents from abroad.

There can be no other nation that values the liberty and the rights of individuals.

America has been known to welcome talents from all over the world irrespective of race, religion, etc.

This is the ONLY SECRET behind this sound status of America as a super power.

There is no issue in telling:  America is a hub for talents.

The only condition is:  Everyone should abide by the generous and liberal laws of America.

In fact, America is not an ancient country like Greek and India with a single dominated race or religion.

It is a country discovered by the foreigners.  Also constructed by the foreigners.

That is why, America is able to accommodate almost all the religions and races existing in this world.

And, the religious freedom too is outstanding in America.  One can preach any religion there. Even many new religious establishments have been started from America only.

The only condition is that every religion should speak of their path only, and they should not attack other religions.

America has been a heaven for any individual or country to live or to deal with.

No one can deny the gifts of America to the entire world in technology advancement.

How many countries appoint thousands of Americans in their space programmes?

No one.  There may be a few Amricans in their space programmes.

Take NASA.  Thousands of foreigners are working there.


The generous approach of America towards attracting the talents from anywhere and using them in the development of the technology.

The discovered technology is not used in America alone. It is for the entire world.

Therefore, we can conclude that America is attracting the talents from all over the world to construct a strong America and to distribute the technology back to the entire world.

There has been no “Narrow Mindedness” in the approach of America towards attracting the talents from all over the world.

All the countries have been enjoying the liberal welcome provided by America for those with the talents.

Of course, the foreign talents are available for a less cost for American companies.  Still, that compensation has been very big for the persons coming from other countries.

Therefore, this should be seen as Mutually benefitial arrangement.

Dollars poured from America to other countries.

The countries have tasted this liberal approach of America for many decades. Therefore, they have become dependent on America for consistent and increased inflow of dollars.

While this honeymoon period was going on for other countries, there was a feel of getting sidelined among the native americans.

During this liberal honeymoon period, the joblessness in America has increased.

Many companies preferred Asian talents to American talents for want of good brains for low cost.

This trend gradually cost the increase in the Joblessness in America.

Now, the time came for the America to care for their own people who are facing unemployment.

The America was engaging foreign talents even when its unemployment rate was alarming all time high of 10.82% in 1982.  It was supporting foreign talents even when they themselves were struggling with 10.82% of unemployment.

Obama Administration spoke about increasing employment, but, it could not fully succeed in producing more jobs for Americans. At the same time, the jobs were occupied by foreigners.

The reason was apparent.  The Asians were available at cheap cost. Particularly, Indians.

The Obama administration’s efforts to impose some NOT SO STRONG RESTRICTIONS on importing foreign talents, made the unemployment rate showing some improvement improvement in favour of America. However, Obama’s period saw a peak period of unemployment (2010-2014) that sounded a warning bell among americans.

To understand this better, we have to see the trend of unemployment during Obama’s period (2008-2016):

Before 2008, ie, before Obama took office, the unemployment rate was just above 4%.  It rose and oscillated between 10 and 7% between 2010-2014. 

This (2010-2014) is the peak period of dissatisfaction during Obama’s period as far as unemployment is concerned. Because, the unemployment was at its peak close to the trend of the year 1982 in which the unemployment rate was 10.82%.

Of course, between 2014 and 2016 during Obama’s period, the unemployment came down to 4.7%. 

Though this was a good sign of reduction in unemployment during Obama’s period, the experience with the high 10-7% of unemployment between 2010-2014 was a warning for America to follow a more effective approach in dealing with the unemployment.

Since the people had tasted the bitter experience of about 10% of unemployment in and around the year 2010, they were expecting a president who speaks strongly about unemployment.

This is the time when Donald Trump spoke about AMERICA FIRST in his election campaigns.

This sounded very attractive to the Americans.

After Trump spoke of AMERICA FIRST again and again, most of the new employments in American companies are being given to Americans.  Even Indian companies in America are employing more Americans in the places where Indians were appointed earlier.


The analysts see positive results.



After that, for the past five months, the unemployment figure in America is declining steadily.

In March 2017, the unemployment was  4.5%

In April 2017, the unemployment was  4.4%

In May 2017, the unemployment was the record 4.3% (6.9 million) that is the lowest unemployment figure in the past 16 years.

This shows that 7 lakh unemployed Americans have got jobs after Trumph took office.

These results have boosted the morale of Trumph.  He must be happy.

Therefore, wisely thinking, we can not find fault with Donald Trumph for his giving preference to Americans in Jobs.  Because, Trump is the president for America.  Unless he cares the employment of Americans, the unemployment will further increase that will turn as anger towards the employees from other countries.

However, I wish to indicate a few things that could have been handled properly:

(1) Trumph should also appreciate the role played by Asians till now in America. And, he should pass positive vibrations about the services by the people from other countries in India.  This will prevent some Asians being attacked in America.

(2) The people are usually emotional in nature.  That is why, they have voted in favour of you because they felt your emotional slogan “Only America First” attractive.  Therefore, you should avoid speaking the words that may induce some Americans to act against the persons of other countries.

(3) When the president himself speaks as if an M.P speaks, inducing the emotions of the people then, the people may start to see the foreigners like their enemies who have come to take their share of opportunities.  Keeping restraint in the speech is very important for the president of the Super power.

(4) The best solution is to fix the limits in employing foregn nationals.  The total percentage of American workers in any organization need not be allowed to come down below 80%.  This may help the foreign nationals to work atleast in the 20% of the vacancies.

Thus, instead of speaking emotionally, Donald Trump may gently impose certain restrictions in employment of foreign nationals giving some space to engage the talented foreign nationals also.

I find no fault in the intentions of Trumph.  Even India’s Modi is giving preference for India’s own production capabilities. Similalrly, every country’s head will try to uplift his own people.

If other countries like to avoid facing these fluctuations in future, they should stop depending on other countries including America for the employment of their boys and girls.  They should develop production and service industries strongly so that they are able to provide employment to their own countrymen.

Instead of worrying whenever there is a change in the head of America, other countries should become internally strong to take care of their own people.